Little Boy's Quilt

Day 1

Ok, here goes – I’m not a very good blogger! In real life I can talk the leg off a chair but sit me down in front of a computer to write something interesting that people might want to read and I go blank. I believe it’s called ‘writer’s block’!!

I’m probably not the only one with this problem but when reading other people’s fantastic, long blogs I certainly feel like it.

Anyway I’ve decided to make a quilt and track the progress of it on my blog page and I’m hoping that people will follow along and make comments and give me constructive feedback. I’m not a professional quilter by any stretch of the imagination and will definitely be doing things that more experienced quilters would shake their heads at but that’s ok.

After I made this earth shattering decision to make a quilt I popped off down to the local quilting store to buy fabrics. The theme I’ve chosen is transport and I will be using my transport applique set No: SA559 which is very colorful and cute for a little boy’s quilt.

These are the fabrics I’ve chosen with the help of the wonderfully helpful lady who owns the quilt shop.


And this is my quilt plan which I did in Excel. (love Excel!)


I may position the designs differently - but this is the idea.


So I’ve started by figuring out how many of all these little colored strips I need and what sizes. The blocks were easy – just 12 of them so I cut them out. Guess what – ruined about 3 of them by cutting them wrong – great start!

The question also came up about quilting and like I said – I’m not a professional – so I’ve decided to quilt as I go. That meant a couple of hours on Youtube watching how to join the blocks once quilted and add the sashing. I wanted to used wider sashing and found a video by Teresa Downunder - and I’m going to follow her directions.

I actually love watching and learning things like that so that was fun for me.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for day 2..................

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Looks lovely! Can’t wait to see the finished product.


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