Baby Girl Quilt

Hi everyone

This new quilt is for little girls – it’s all about fashion for the youngest of ladies! I’ve been really looking forward to making this ever since I saw a quilt similar to it a couple of years ago.

All the designs used were digitised by me and they are all available to purchase singly or in the set from the website or my Etsy shop.

Because they are all applique a lot of variety was available with different fabrics. The quilt is based on pinks and greens – 2 of my favourite colours to combine so definitely lots of fun was had watching it progress.

I started with the romper suits – they are so cute and I love cute things 😊


Moving on to all the little dresses 😊




And the sweet little shoes 😊

And finally the centre piece ‘Sweet Baby Girl” 😊

I sashed all the blocks with 2 narrow rows of sashing – I think it looks very pretty 😊

And then a pink and white spotty border with fussy cut cornerstones – little teapots and butterflies.

Finishing with a pieced border using 1” widths of all the fabrics and finally a binding in a beautiful green.

I’m so happy with how it’s turned out and I’m hoping some lucky little girl will either have it on their bed or hanging on the wall in their bedroom. A lovely keepsake I think 😊

If you interested in purchasing this beautiful quilt it will be for sale on Etsy and the website.

These are the links to the designs if you would love to make your own cute quilt:



Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to leave comments :)


New Halloween Designs

Hi all

Halloween is closing in on us (it's amazing how quickly 5 weeks can go by) and I have a few new designs that might make your costume making easier and more fun. Not that Halloween isn't enough fun anyway! But I hope you enjoy adding a couple of these very cute Halloween designs to your embroidery projects.

These 3 designs are all applique and very easy to sew out - also applique instructions are included if you are not sure how to go about appliqueing machine embroidery designs.

If you do use them please send me a picture - I love to see what you're up to :)

Happy embroidering!

Just click on the images to be taken to their product page.


Rosieday Embroidery Latest Designs

Hi all

I hope all is well in your embroidery land :)

If you have been following Rosieday Embroidery on Facebook you would know that there are lots of new designs on the website and in my Etsy shop. I've been working hard to increase the numbers so you all have more choice. This all takes time with the test sewing as well but it's worth it and my inventory of designs is growing and getting cuter (I think) all the time.

Plus I added a new embroidery machine to my herd! A Janome Horizon 15000 - which I felt I needed of course! Those of you with sewing machine addiction like me will understand. Anyway I wanted to know more about the JEF machine format so this has helped. I must admit I haven't had a Janome since their first embroidery machine came out many years ago - it was Memory Craft 8000. Very limited in it's capabilities compared to today's models but it was awesome at the time all the same.

Anyway I love this new Janome machine - it's beautiful to sew on as well as embroider. Very soon I will do a blog on a quilt I've been making using my baby dress designs and I've actually free motioned quilted it on the Janome which was so smooth to quilt with. Love it!

Below are a few of my latest designs - clicking on the images will link you to their product details. There are many more designs than these to see so why not grab a cuppa and have a browse?

If you prefer to shop on Etsy here is the link

Either way - have a wonderful sewing day - Jan :)



Little Boy's Quilt - Day 6

Day 6 - Last Day.

I’m happy to say that the quilt is finished – just put the binding on this morning. Funny feeling when a project is finished – you look forward to it and then wonder what you are going to do next!

Anyway here it is and I’m very pleased with it. It’s bright, colourful and fun!

The back is just plain blue – the same as the binding – not very interesting in a photo but I thought I would show it.

I hope you have enjoyed following along while I made this – I certainly enjoyed making it and bringing it to you.

There will be more quilts made with Rosieday Embroidery designs and I will be sure to let you know when the next one starts.

Thank you all for watching 😊


PS: If you are at all interested in purchasing this quilt it is for sale on the website – here is the link


Little Boy's Quilt - Day 5

Day 5

Hurray! We have a completed quilt top ready for binding! I'v learnt a lot by making this quilt - especially how not to do things :) It's not perfect but I'm sure somewhere there is a baby boy who would love tummy time on it on the floor. I do see it more as a play mat than a bed or cot cover.

I just have to decide the width of the binding – it was going to be 3” but now I’m leaning towards narrower – maybe only ¾ “. Auditioning the different bindings is the only way to go so I’m going to do that now.

The finished quilt will be on the website tomorrow 😊

Little Boy's Quilt - Day 4

Day 4

Hi everyone – I hope you’re enjoying this little quilt making venture of mine. It’s taking a bit longer than I expected but we are getting there. I'm in awe of quilter's who make king size quilts - there's so much work in them.

Today I finished appliqueing the last 6 blocks – below are the 3 blocks in the 3rd row. I’ve attached and quilted the sashing – doing this as I go because of the way they are joined.

 Block 7

Block 8

Block 9


And here they are all joined together. I hope my photography is doing the job and you can see just how cute these appliques are.

Below are the last 3 blocks in the fourth and bottom row. I've repeated the hot air balloon and the helicopter using different colorways.

 Block 10

Block 11

Block 12


And once again – all joined together with the sashing quilted simply with a serpentine stitch. I think my favourite design is the little helicopter.

I’m not happy with the way the back is turning out so I’m going do it in one big piece and quilt it using stitch in the ditch in the sashing seams (I think!)

This is all a lot of fun and it shouldn’t be too much longer before I have a completed quilt top and ready for binding!

Talk soon 😊

Little Boy's Quilt - Day 3

Well there has been progress – I have all the strips cut for the sashing and joined them together. I am loving these bright colors!

Sashing strips

Another row of blocks has been appliqued and they are ready to be stitched together and joined to the 1st row.

Here they are!

 Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

I am having to put this quilt together row at a time because of the need to quilt the sashing in between the blocks with different colored threads – quite a lot of changing bobbins and threads on the machine. But I think it will be worth it – it’s so pretty 😊

A while later ………………

Ok folks – here’s the 2 top rows stitched together – I’m going to have some hand sewing on the back to sew the horizontal sashing down but that’s not a problem.

Just 6 more blocks to go – it’s the large appliques that are taking the time but it’s fun watching them come together.

More tomorrow 😊



Little Boy's Quilt - Day 2

Day 2

A little bit of fabric cutting – still more to go but I get bored easily so I’m going to start embroidering. I have enough cut to finish all the blocks 😊…………………

Well I’d like to say the first 3 blocks were completed without incident but that wouldn’t be true! I might not be a practised quilter but I think I’m now a practised un-picker.

I managed to quilt a block that had no batting or backing while it was still in the hoop (who would do that?) and after some deliberation decided it would be easier to un-pick the stippling rather than do the applique again. Hmmm maybe – only took an hour or so!

And I’ve been having trouble getting my head around the sashing – with me I have to do it to see how it works and so far I’ve found about 10 ways it doesn’t work (more unpicking!)

Oh and then I decided I needed more variety in the fabrics so back to the shop.

But the good news is I’ve completed 3 blocks and started on some of the sashing. Photos below.

 Block 1

Block 2

Block 3


A few hours has passed – (yes, that’s right, I’m slow at this) and I’ve completed the first row.

So what do you think? I’m quite happy with it and I think it looks rather cute.

1st Row

Anyway I think I’ve got the sashing sussed now so it should be clear sailing ahead.

Tomorrow I will do applique all the blocks and then do things in the correct order – finish cutting all the strips for the sashing etc.

I’ll be back………………………

Little Boy's Quilt

Day 1

Ok, here goes – I’m not a very good blogger! In real life I can talk the leg off a chair but sit me down in front of a computer to write something interesting that people might want to read and I go blank. I believe it’s called ‘writer’s block’!!

I’m probably not the only one with this problem but when reading other people’s fantastic, long blogs I certainly feel like it.

Anyway I’ve decided to make a quilt and track the progress of it on my blog page and I’m hoping that people will follow along and make comments and give me constructive feedback. I’m not a professional quilter by any stretch of the imagination and will definitely be doing things that more experienced quilters would shake their heads at but that’s ok.

After I made this earth shattering decision to make a quilt I popped off down to the local quilting store to buy fabrics. The theme I’ve chosen is transport and I will be using my transport applique set No: SA559 which is very colorful and cute for a little boy’s quilt.

These are the fabrics I’ve chosen with the help of the wonderfully helpful lady who owns the quilt shop.


And this is my quilt plan which I did in Excel. (love Excel!)


I may position the designs differently - but this is the idea.


So I’ve started by figuring out how many of all these little colored strips I need and what sizes. The blocks were easy – just 12 of them so I cut them out. Guess what – ruined about 3 of them by cutting them wrong – great start!

The question also came up about quilting and like I said – I’m not a professional – so I’ve decided to quilt as I go. That meant a couple of hours on Youtube watching how to join the blocks once quilted and add the sashing. I wanted to used wider sashing and found a video by Teresa Downunder - and I’m going to follow her directions.

I actually love watching and learning things like that so that was fun for me.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for day 2..................