Little Boy's Quilt - Day 2

Day 2

A little bit of fabric cutting – still more to go but I get bored easily so I’m going to start embroidering. I have enough cut to finish all the blocks 😊…………………

Well I’d like to say the first 3 blocks were completed without incident but that wouldn’t be true! I might not be a practised quilter but I think I’m now a practised un-picker.

I managed to quilt a block that had no batting or backing while it was still in the hoop (who would do that?) and after some deliberation decided it would be easier to un-pick the stippling rather than do the applique again. Hmmm maybe – only took an hour or so!

And I’ve been having trouble getting my head around the sashing – with me I have to do it to see how it works and so far I’ve found about 10 ways it doesn’t work (more unpicking!)

Oh and then I decided I needed more variety in the fabrics so back to the shop.

But the good news is I’ve completed 3 blocks and started on some of the sashing. Photos below.

 Block 1

Block 2

Block 3


A few hours has passed – (yes, that’s right, I’m slow at this) and I’ve completed the first row.

So what do you think? I’m quite happy with it and I think it looks rather cute.

1st Row

Anyway I think I’ve got the sashing sussed now so it should be clear sailing ahead.

Tomorrow I will do applique all the blocks and then do things in the correct order – finish cutting all the strips for the sashing etc.

I’ll be back………………………

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You’re doing a great job. Will look so cute when it’s finished. Are these designs on your website?


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