Little Boy's Quilt - Day 3

Well there has been progress – I have all the strips cut for the sashing and joined them together. I am loving these bright colors!

Sashing strips

Another row of blocks has been appliqued and they are ready to be stitched together and joined to the 1st row.

Here they are!

 Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

I am having to put this quilt together row at a time because of the need to quilt the sashing in between the blocks with different colored threads – quite a lot of changing bobbins and threads on the machine. But I think it will be worth it – it’s so pretty 😊

A while later ………………

Ok folks – here’s the 2 top rows stitched together – I’m going to have some hand sewing on the back to sew the horizontal sashing down but that’s not a problem.

Just 6 more blocks to go – it’s the large appliques that are taking the time but it’s fun watching them come together.

More tomorrow 😊



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