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Hi all

I hope all is well in your embroidery land :)

If you have been following Rosieday Embroidery on Facebook you would know that there are lots of new designs on the website and in my Etsy shop. I've been working hard to increase the numbers so you all have more choice. This all takes time with the test sewing as well but it's worth it and my inventory of designs is growing and getting cuter (I think) all the time.

Plus I added a new embroidery machine to my herd! A Janome Horizon 15000 - which I felt I needed of course! Those of you with sewing machine addiction like me will understand. Anyway I wanted to know more about the JEF machine format so this has helped. I must admit I haven't had a Janome since their first embroidery machine came out many years ago - it was Memory Craft 8000. Very limited in it's capabilities compared to today's models but it was awesome at the time all the same.

Anyway I love this new Janome machine - it's beautiful to sew on as well as embroider. Very soon I will do a blog on a quilt I've been making using my baby dress designs and I've actually free motioned quilted it on the Janome which was so smooth to quilt with. Love it!

Below are a few of my latest designs - clicking on the images will link you to their product details. There are many more designs than these to see so why not grab a cuppa and have a browse?

If you prefer to shop on Etsy here is the link

Either way - have a wonderful sewing day - Jan :)



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